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I have to start by thanking the local farmers and property owners that have given me access to their land. Without this, many of these images would not be possible. My goal is to blend into the surroundings of wildlife habitats and photograph the subject in a natural and undisturbed state.

I do not use artificial structures or commercially produced ground blinds. I have no problem with them; however, I just have better luck getting super close to wildlife using natural cover.  I usually wear a ghillie suit and look for fallen trees, thickets, hedgerows, etc. and setup in them.  This image is a self portrait taken in a typical setting that I photograph from.   As you can see or not see, I attempt to conceal everything except the end of the lens.

All of my images are of truly free roaming wild animals. I do not photograph
wildlife at confined or fenced in properties, zoos, etc. Again, I have nothing against photographs taken in that type of environment. I just really enjoy the challenge of finding, stalking, and being close enough to photograph wild animals in their natural habitat.

I enjoy and am always willing to assist non-profit organizations with photographic needs.

I also welcome any questions and comments you may have, please feel free to contact me.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I thank God for every moment that I’m given along with the ability, opportunity and time to photograph His creations.

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